Basic Skills Outline

Bantam Skating School – Learn to Skate Program

The Koeppel Community Sports Center is again, as the Bantam Skating School, extremely proud to be part of the United States Figure Skating Basic Skills Program as a registered member this 2016-2017 season. This is the tenth year of participation in the USFS Program for our Learn to Skate Program (LTS).

 The objectives of the program are to provide a fun and safe skating experience for the beginner as well as the more advanced skater. Further, it strives to teach correct technique of the fundamental basic elements, develop a finer degree of coordination and balance, promote physical fitness, and enable all to achieve the skills necessary to be able to skate for fun the rest of their lives or more competitively into US Figure Skating (USFS), USA Hockey (USAH) or US Speedskating (USS) competitions, games or races.


 This Winter of 2017 brings to the Koeppel Center a unique opportunity for children of the City of Hartofrd to participate in our Learn to Skate Program at "no cost" through the generosity of a donation by the Ryan Gordon Foundation, Ryan's Circle of Giving, here at Trinity College. This winter, starting in January and going through April 2015, two sessions of Learn to Skate will honor Ryan by offering the opportunity for 20-30 kindergarden to through second graders and 20-30 third through sixth graders a chance to participate in skating lessons here at the Koeppel Center. For more information on Ryan, please click on the Ryan Gordon Cicrle of Giving link. To register as a recipiant of the donation and participate in the Learn to Skate Program, please fill out this form or call (860) 297-4230.

Instruction – Our teaching style


Being an instructor requires more than just knowledge of the skills and rules of the sport(s), our team brings their experiences as competitive skaters and players to our program with a clear understanding of their instructing objectives and an instructing style capable of being consistent and organized from class to class.


Our teaching style is very similar to those given in “Successful Coaching” but with a slightly different perspective on “winning”, they are:

  1. To have fun – both instructors and participants
  2. To help young people develop:
    1. Physically by learning sports skills, improving physical conditioning, developing good habits and avoiding injuries,
    2. Psychologically by learning to control their emotions and to develop feelings of self worth,
    3. Socially by learning how to cooperate in a competitive context and by learning appropriate standards of behavior (sportsmanship).
  3. To prepare for a lifetime of participation, either competitively or recreationally, in their chosen discipline

We will strive to keep our lessons challenging and exciting in order to try and keep our students interested and focus for longer periods of time. It is our goal to keep our students having fun and experiencing a desirable level of achievement so they do not have to look elsewhere for activities to fulfill their needs.

Our Program – The Outline


The curriculum within the Basic Skills Program designed by USFS has these opportunities for participation:

         Snowplow Sam

Designed for preschool age children to develop preliminary coordination and strength necessary to move on skates. This can also be accomplished in a parent/toddler situation to allow greater comfort while on the ice. Completion of Snowplow Sam puts a skater into Basic 2.

         Basic 1-8

The “Basic Eights” are the fundamentals of the sport. These eight levels of the program introduce the fundamental moves – forward skating, backward skating, stops, crossovers and turns. Upon completion of the Basic 1-8 levels, skaters will be able to advance to more specialized areas of skating.

         Hockey 1-4

As an alternative to Basic 1-4, the Hockey 1-4 curriculum is designed to teach the fundamentals of hockey skating. All elements will be taught without a stick or puck as proper skating techniques are the primary focus of the levels. Upon completion of Hockey 1-4, participants will be ready for our Learn to Play Hockey Program as outlined by USAH and its American Development Model at the KCSC.

         Speed 1-6

Upon completion of the Basic 1-4, skaters will be introduced to the beginning speedskating techniques for both short and long track skating in Speed 1-6. Upon completion, skaters will be ready racing and can participate in the club program at the KCSC.

         Adult 1-4

The Adult curriculum is designed for the beginner adult and classes are formed and taught for adults, not part of our Basic 1-8’s. Separate times and schedules can be made to accommodate those looking to gain physical fitness, improve balance and coordination in a fun new way. Let us design a schedule for you!

Class Schedules and Equipment


Class schedules and times are outlined in our Winter 2017 brochure, sessions can be pro-rated for late entry into a session but testing for advancement may not be appropriate and is not guaranteed. Please speak with an instructor.


Equipment will be provided for those in need of skates or a helmet for participation as an enrolled student in our programs. Parents participating in the Parent/Toddler activities, or Adults in Adult 1-4, may also use skates and a helmet as part of their participation in an enrolled program. Other items for consideration that are not supplied by the Bantam Skating School or the KCSC would include:

            Warm clothing, including long socks, gloves or mittens

            Additional padding, knee or elbow protection